18 th September 2019

Hotel Football, Old Trafford

10am – 4pm

Drinks, refreshments and introductions.

The future of performance Management David Herd & Lisa Hooley

An opportunity to share current challenges and experiences around organisation structures,  teams and people – focusing on areas of change, for growth, development and the business demands you are facing… Ask questions you would like to debate within the group – come prepared to share!!!

Networking Lunch

Heather Wright will provide an insightful speech on “Creating resilient teams that coach each other”. What drives team performance. How to create resilience and a coaching environment that delivers a sustainable performance. Heather will also provide techniques and insights into individual values and work drivers.

An interactive speech from GP Helen Garr, looking at the 5 ways to wellbeing, how we can make changes in our working day and our day to day lives to improve health and happiness.

Helen will also share tips on how to manage email overload and how physical activity, mindfulness and connecting with others can improve your work-life balance.

Feedback/, future meeting topics and information on conference David Herd & Lisa Hooley